The Cyclist

Dating in the City

I live in a really big city – about 10 million including the suburbs. I live in one of the city neighbourhoods about 30 minutes by transit to the downtown core – driving would take you about 15 minutes. I meet a lot of people, I have since the time I decided to stop being shy. I love to hear peoples stories, to find out what make them tick, to help lift them up and just share a moment of common interest. Add alcohol to the mix and I’m everyone’s best friend. So it’s not really hard for me to meet people, and not hard for me to meet men in particular. It’s as easy as a sincere compliment and question and then it’s on.

A couple of weeks ago I met a guy at a wine bar I was at with a friend, and ended up giving him my email address. He had said something about wine tastings and I love the way wine tastes so I was all in! Turns out alcohol was a pretty strong driver on that one, so our meet up later that week was a one time thing.

Later that weekend I had a meet-up with a guy I met on one of the two online site I’m on. He seemed sweet online. I knew he was short, but was really surprised that he seemed surprised that at 5’4″ I was taller than him. Listen I’m not height-ist. I have dated several gentlemen who were shorter than average. But I’m always stunned when shorter guys question my height in relation to theirs – like the guy a couple of weeks ago that asked it I was wearing 4 inch heels (nope – maybe 1 1/2 to 2 inches). His being surprised at his own height was not the deal breaker, it was the fact that we met for an hour and he talked about himself for 50 minutes. Like monologue talking. YAWN….

Later that day I met up with another guy. There were no sparks so it was going to be a short date anyway. And then I found out that he works at the same very large company I work at. So NOOOOO. HELL NO. Because did I mention that The Cyclist also worked at the same company? And so did his former-ex-now-current-girlfriend-who-he-was-cheating-on-me-with? The woman I met at an event before I knew he was cheating on me with her, and then ran into her again last week?? So nope. No way Jose. Not going to happen. No more dating guys who work at my work.

I’m lined up for 2 more dates this weekend. And 3 volunteer events in the coming 6 weeks to open myself up to more people.

I’ll keep you posted 🙂