spiny oyster

on starting a business

I come from a family of artists. All of my siblings have some kind of artistic tendencies, for me that was always writing. My long time dream is to be an author. But very early in life I chose the path of parent and not too long after that, I chose the path of single parent. And single parents don’t get as much time to write as you might think 😉
My father has always been a silversmith. Back in the old pre-internet days, he would load up his van with tables and jewelry and go to farmers markets or craft shows and sell jewelry. The days he was home were spent soldering, adding stones, and polishing existing pieces to be ready for the next show.
Several years ago my father “retired” to his house in New Mexico and took to selling his jewelry on ebay exclusively. He’ll be 76 this year, so I think he is tired of all the traveling.
About fifteen years ago, my older sister went to visit our dad and learn as much as she could about his business. She then moved to a very remote part of North East Canada and bought a huge home and set up her shop in the basement. She has been doing that ever since.
More recently, my younger brother made the same trip to visit our father and returned and started his own shop, followed by my little sister… my brother is the most vocal about how well he is doing with it. Now, he currently has a full time job and he owns a vending machine so the the silver shop is his “hobby” business, but it is making him money and he adds to it every month, making it bigger and bigger.
So I was finally convinced enough to make a modest investment into my own silver shop. The biggest thing for me was not to dip into The GingerBeard Man and my salary for an experiment. Because even if little brother is doing well doesn’t mean I will. Luckily, at my job, I get an annual bonus. So I took my bonus and bought a ton of supplies and a dot com and started Navajo Silver Shop. Or rather, I am still in the process of starting it.
The GingerBeard Man excels at all things design and also at the creation of websites. This site was my little pet project that he was kind enough to set up for me. So I am currently harassing him to do my logo, marketing stuff and to set up navajosilvershop.com, but he has this whole pesky career that gets in the way sometimes, lol. In the meantime, I have set up a little ebay shop and have listed about half of what I have. “Hobby” businesses still take up a lot of time and I haven’t really found a balance between taking photos and listing items and making dinner and doing laundry just yet. I’ll get there.