San Antonio

A Cinco De Mayo note

I made pot roast yesterday. I mostly did it because I can make it in the crock pot and I had planned to go to yoga last night so I was trying to set The GingerBeard Man up for an easy dinner since I wouldn’t be home until seven. However, about half way through the day I had decided to skip yoga. I just needed some at home time to chill. We’ve been so ridiculously busy lately.
Now, something about The GingerBeard Man… he grew up in San Antonio. He loves all things San Antonio. He loves Mexican food, the hot summer, the Spurs, Mexican beer, Mexican food, Fiesta.. you name it. If it is associated with south Texas, there is a pretty good chance my husband is all about it. He loves it here. It’s his home.
Well he and I both got home yesterday within about ten minutes of each other. He went to change and take care of the cats and I went to finish up dinner. The roast was done so I threw together some mashed potatoes and asparagus to go with it. When he came out of the bedroom, he grabbed one a Pacifico out of the fridge, squuezed a slice of lime into it, and saw what we were having for dinner…
“Pot roast? On Cinco De Mayo?”
Next year, fajitas 🙂
Happy Friday everyone!