Pressure Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup

Texas had a super mild winter this year… Personally, I don’t mind winter, at least not in a place where it never snows… And one thing I love about winter is cold weather foods.  I could a different soup every single day during the winter and be super happy.  Actually, I can eat some all year and be happy but my family dislikes soups during the hotter months so I usually reserve them for wintertime.  The area I live in typically cools off during the fall and stays that way until January, and about half way through January and for just about all of February, it’s as cold as it will get.  Which is pretty chilly for a south Texas gal.  This year, it never did it.  It stayed fall cold, with a few over night freezes, but that was it.  And during the afternoons, it was in the fifties and sixties or higher.

It was like we skipped winter altogether.

So this past week when we had a few cooler rainy days, my internal soup alarm was going off.  And pretty urgently since it probably knew that was the last little bit of winter like weather before we would be thrust kicking and screaming into the desolate abyss that is known as Summer.  Can you tell I’m not a fan?

Well, I wasn’t going to miss my last chance at some yummy soup that was appreciated by chilly family members, so I scrapped my original dinner plans for the night and scoured the fridge, freezer and pantry for some ingredients to make that happen.  Friday isn’t the best day for that since it’s the last day of our grocery week so I was surprised to see that I could totally pull it off.  And it was so good that I wanted to share it with ya’ll 🙂

Now I made this in my pressure cooker for expediency sake, but it could just have easily been thrown into the crockpot for the day.

Here’s what I did:
*2 frozen chicken breasts
*half of an onion, diced
*6 cloves of garlic
*2 quarts of chicken stock (mine was frozen, see below)
*1 chicken bouillon cube

I put all of that in the pressure cooker on the soup setting and let it go. Once it had timed out, I released the vent and opened it up. I shredded the chicken and added a bag of frozen corn and a can of black beans.  Then top with some fresh avocado, sour cream, shredded cheese, cilantro and some tortilla chips.  Done!  So good and it seriously took me less than an hour to make, most of that time I was working and just waiting for the pressure cooker to do it’s thing.  Also, I think this soup got some bonus flavor from the stock.  We occasionally buy some rotisserie chicken(s) for dinner and when we are done with them, we boil them to make stock.  The stock used in this was from some of those chickens.  I froze it in a ziplock bag and added it to the pressure cooker still frozen.