My daughter turns 18 tomorrow

I was reading back through The Old Blog today and found this post I wrote about her in 2005.. you know, just ELEVEN years ago. Here is a little snippet about my then seven year old daughter who tomorrow becomes an adult.

She has that light, that vibe, that something that makes you want to be around her. That goodness… there is no word for what it is. No way to describe it, only once you’ve met someone like this you just know. She has all kinds of friends. She has fifth graders come and hug her when we are at the grocery store. She knows more adults than I do. She will wave at people when we drive by them. She is happy and good inside… It’s so pure and so genuine that you have to love her. You can’t help it. I’m so very happy that she is my daughter and exceedingly proud of her every day. I just wanted to share that with ya’ll.