Wherein my second daughter considers leaving Texas…

I’ve mentioned both here and here that both of my older daughters are moving away later this year.  My oldest is headed to Connecticut where her husband has been stationed and my second oldest is heading off to college.  I assumed that since her residential college costs would be cheaper if she stayed in Texas that she would most likely choose a school that was less than 500 miles from home, meaning I’d see her pretty regularly.  I did not count on the fact that a tiny liberal arts school in Minnesota would make her one hell of an offer.  An offer she is strongly considering accepting.

We are meeting with the school’s representative on Sunday and then waiting for the rest of the financial aid packages to arrive from the four Texas colleges before she makes her final decision, but right now – she is pretty enthusiastic about this school.  She likes it’s size, she likes the teacher to student ratio, she likes the geeky competition clubs…  So far, it’s competitive as far as out of pocket costs go… within a couple grand compared to the Texas college prices we’ve received so far.

But it’s 1,264 miles away from me.  Couple that with my oldest daughter moving 1,985 miles away from me and I’m glancing at the bottle of xanax in my nightstand.   When asked about what it’s been like having my oldest move out last year when she started college, I’ve said that having her less than an hour away has made the whole process a lot easier.  Like we were slowly pulling the band-aid off.  Having both girls move to states that are no where near me is going to be a lot more like ripping it off.

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  1. omg – I can’t believe this is actually happening! they’re too little!

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