Episode 37 – Game of Thrones

Duh duh Dunna duh duh! Game of Thrones!  The Chicks have a surprise guest who is *gasp* NOT a Chick! They talk about what happened in season 6 and make some season 7 predictions.  #GameofThrones #GoT #Talesfromthechicks #tftc #podcast #grog #specialguest #chicks #HBO

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2 thoughts on “Episode 37 – Game of Thrones

  1. What if Ser Jorah, if danerys becomes a villan and burning
    everything, will kill his sword might be lightbringer

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  2. My theory is that little finger is plotting to marry Sansa in a
    plot to build forces in the north ,take the iron throne
    but little finger tells Jon that he loves Sansa as he loved
    Catelyn. He’s in love with her but i believe that he just meant it as I love her just as much as i did Catelyn which he would if she was
    his child.

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