The most horrible thing about being a parent…

…when you’re cut off from your child for whatever reason.

I’m the mother to a sixteen year old who recently decided to leave. And not just leave. He left and has decided he isn’t going to speak to me.

I haven’t spoken to my son for a month. He won’t text, email, call. And what’s worse is he’s cut off everyone in my entire family. The family that has been there every step of the way, when his own father refused to be.

He won’t tell us why either. I wish I could say it was because “something” happened. But nothing happened. Nothing more than the normal teenaged drama (I couldn’t possibly understand him, he should be able to skip school with impunity, he should have unlimited allowance). And then one day he didn’t come home from school. He disappeared. And when I tracked him down at close to 11pm he was at a friends house. When I called the house to ask the parents to send him home, the mother was aggressive and rude with me and told me he wasn’t coming home. He left a note the following day saying he was going to stay there for a few days. A few days later he shows up with his father and packs up some things and leaves.

That was 4 weeks ago.

Nothing since.

I’m sad. My heart is broken.



One thought on “The most horrible thing about being a parent…

  1. ((hugs))
    When I look at my youngest daughter, I sometimes wonder if something like this will happen. And I have no idea what do to or how to handle her a lot of the time, so I am sure I won’t know how to handle something like that either.
    All I can say is that I am so sorry you are having to go through this. I am grateful that he is safe and I hope one day he explains it all to you and apologizes for hurting you.

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