Yesterday was a no good, not fun, crappy, bad day.

This week, at work, my life has been crazy.  I’m on a lot of committees… and it seems like every committee had something due at the same time.  That coupled with my normal work stuff and I found the hours were speeding by.  Right before lunchtime, I got a text from my mother saying that one of the two outside cats was hurt pretty badly and I might need to have my daughter run her to the vet.  Well several calls, texts, and decisions later, we had to put the kitty down.  This was especially difficult for my thirteen year old who called me three times just absolutely sobbing.

It really sucks when you have to balance those kinds of things with work.  Not being able to be the one who took the kitty in to be put down, not being able to be home to hug the kids when they are hurting… prioritizing those kinds of things is rough.

But, after all of that was done and I already felt like I had my heart in my throat, I got in a pretty big fight with my oldest daughter.  And by the time that was done, I had to just go sit in the work bathroom and have myself a nice little cry.  I hate fighting with my kids and I hate having my feelings hurt.  The timing is especially bad since she left today to go to Connecticut to watch her husband graduate from sub school so I won’t get to see her until this weekend.

The Best Husband In The World was already home and making dinner when I got there last night.  He hugged me and recommended I change into something comfy and go relax, but I opted instead to go for a run.  I know that I can beat any bad mood with some serious cardio.  I did my run, came in and had dinner with him and the two little girls and then took a shower.  Afterwards, I had some work to finish up and I did it while watching The Walking Dead.  Finally, we got in the bed and I just let the tears go.  I was sad, my heart hurt.  Thinking about our little kitty and how her life was over and thinking about the rift between my daughter and I… He hugged me and smoothed my hair until I was done.  And then he snuggled me into him and we went to bed.

When we got married, in his vows, my husband spoke of how I take care of everyone and how I have done that pretty much my whole life. He promised to be the person who would take care of me and he absolutely is.  All of my bad days are made so much better because I have found this person who loves me so much.  I couldn’t be luckier.