On Podcasts…

So, I realize I am entering the world of podcasts very late in the game… I occasionally might listen to a book on tape while I am driving, but I’ve pretty much always been more of a music in the car kind of gal. Several months ago, The GingerBeard Man made the comment that he likes to listen to sports podcasts while he commutes and I thought to myself “There are still podcasts? Like, those are still a thing?”  And oh my gosh, they are totally still a thing.
Oddly enough, not long after that conversation, Heather Armstrong took a step back from Dooce and announced that she and John Bray were doing the podcast Manic Rambling Spiral. I’ll admit I was annoyed that Heather had the audacity to leave me high in dry with one of my near daily reads. But, a few weeks later, she mentioned something about a podcast they had done and curiosity got the better of me.  Having never listened to any podcasts, I didn’t even know that my iphone had a handy built in podcast app. After a little bit of fumbling around, I managed to get it going. I can’t remember which episode I started with but it didn’t take long for me to roll back to episode one and listed through all of them. Here’s the thing, I will admit that I didn’t think I would like listening to Heather talk. This makes me an asshole, but her blog (which I really enjoy) is sometimes written in an all caps kind of way that made me think she would be kind of annoying to listen to in person. I will readily admit how wrong I was. Heather is actually pretty great to listen to. She is funny and well spoken and oddly enough, I felt like after a few episodes that I wanted to be friends with her. John Bray is also adorable. I wish he would stop using the R when he introduces himself but that’s just me.
I’ve made it through all of their available podcasts now and I look forward to the new ones coming out each week. The first few episodes felt a little like John interviewing Heather, but that faded into more of a comfortable chatting between the two and it’s super nice. They are both single parents right now, which I have some pretty extensive history with so I find many of the topics relatable both that way and just as a parent in general. I’ve even written in a few times and frankly I have to keep myself from becoming this crazy fan who writes in every single week with my opinion and feelings about each topic.
When I ran out of MRS episodes to listen to, I started listening to Modern Love, which The Social Chick recommended to me. Each Modern Love episode is read by a different celebrity and each essay is a completely different take on a story of “love, loss, and redemption.” While I cannot always relate to these, the stories are so very well written and narrated that I find myself completely entranced and often in tears. They are heartwarming or sad or both and I thoroughly enjoy them.
This foray into podcasts sent me off in search of more. I read a bunch of buzzfeed lists (I like buzzfeed, sue me) and added several different types of recommended podcasts to my feed. Limetown had some pretty good reviews and so I sped through that in about a week of commuting. It was ok. I also listened to the first episode of True Murder, which I enjoyed. But my current favorite is Call Your Girlfriend. I absolutely love listening to Ann and Aminatou chatting away, often over a bottle of wine. I feel like I am hanging out with two chicks who are way cooler than me, but I still love listening to their take on things. I have to admit that I enjoy starting things at the beginning so I am still listening to episodes from 2014, but even dated as they are, I really enjoy them.
It’s funny how just a few months ago, I wasn’t even remotely interested in listening to a podcast and the last few weeks, I’ve been wondering if Tales From The Chicks should do one… So tell me, what podcasts am I missing out on, readers? I have a new addiction that needs feeding!