Learning to remodel my house or learning that I can’t.

So the Husband and I have discussed off and on the idea of putting my house on the market.  I’ve had this house since 2008 and while we have updated some things like pulling up all of the carpet and the forced kitchen remodel due to a super terrible leak (that’s a post for another day), we haven’t done much else.  Mostly I’ve never had the cash and my house was so crammed full of children that it seemed futile to try and make things nice when there were still kids around to ruin it.  One day I will post a few photos of what my youngest has done to the walls in her room and you will know what I mean.

Now that we will be down to two kids and I have a little extra cash, I am thinking it wouldn’t be a bad idea to go ahead and do some repairs and upgrades.  Give me an idea and access to Pinterest and suddenly I think I can do anything.  Of course, I have access to pinterest fails as well, so I know I can also ruin anything.  On that note, I am thinking about starting with a small room to test out whether I can actually do this without having to hire someone to come in and fix it afterwards, but also so that it hopefully won’t take me six months to finish just from the sheer size of the room.

I’m thinking about starting with the second bathroom.  It’s relatively small but also hideously ugly and it’s one of those rooms that make you feel like it’s impossible to keep it clean or organize it.  Initially I thought “I’ll gut the whole damn room” but then I started reading about it and I realized that when it comes to removing a bathtub/shower combo thingy and replacing it, I am totally not capable of doing that without hiring someone and really, I don’t think it’s necessary.  I can clean up the tub and replace the fixtures and be content.

That leaves the floor, walls, mirror, and vanity.  (The commode was replaced a few years ago and doesn’t need to be replaced again.)  I had the floor tiled shortly after I bought the house, but there are a few broken tiles and I am sure I will need to add some tile when I remove the vanity.  I’ve never tiled a floor before, but since it won’t be the whole floor, I think I can probably handle it.  Once that is done, I would like to do the walls.  I’m thinking about putting in wainscoting and then painting the wall above it.  I’ve never painted a single wall in my house because they aren’t dry wall.  They are the vinyl walls that come in manufactured homes and frankly, I’ve always been too scared that I would make them worse.  Fortunately, my walls are white so none of that ugly floral wallpaper stuff.  They do still have the batten strips though and I hate them. Here’s the thing, I have seen online where some owners have pulled the batten strips down and used drywall mud to seal them up and then painted the whole thing.  So I’m thinking I’m going to give that a go.

You know, as someone who has never done anything involving dry wall anything.

I’m sure it will super easy. /sarcasm

So if I somehow manage to do that, I can then install baseboard and ceiling molding, something else I’ve never done. And then install the vanity and a new mirror.  Easy peasy right? Ha!  And if you’re thinking right now why don’t you just get your husband to do it? I would like to at this point mention that, while my husband is amazing in many ways, home repair isn’t one of them.  He and I have about the same level of experience with home maintenance and repair.  And most of that experience is getting someone else to do it for us.