Tuesday of my Veggie Week

Since yesterday was a holiday, my eating right week got a day late start. Which was great since my Mother in Law sent me a recipe for a very chocolate sheet cake that we made spur of the moment yesterday evening and I wouldn’t have wanted to miss out on that.
This weekend was ridiculously busy. The Gingerbeard Man was super sick last week, recovering literally in the nick of time. I was also a little under the weather midweek through the weekend. Nothing awful, just not 100%. We were celebrating my daughter’s fourteenth birthday with an Alice in Wonderland Murder Mystery Dinner Party which meant not just prepping food and costumes and cleaning the house but then also keeping ten thirteen and fourteen year olds preoccupied for about six hours. The party was hugely successful. My daughter has an amazing group of friends who all arrived in costume and in character. They had a great time 🙂
The next day we were going to my in-laws for some fajitas and pool time. My older two girls stopped and grabbed new bathing suits and then spent the majority of the day lounging by the pool. I am all for any time they get to spend together because I can just see it slipping away so quickly. That same evening, my oldest daughter decided it was a good time to move my grandkitties home for the remainder of the time she is here. She will be moving home in the next few weeks in preparation for the trip to Connecticut and with her and her roommates rarely home and moving their stuff out, she thought it would be easier on the kitties. I think she was right.
Monday we stayed oh so blissfully home. It was awesome. No plans, no chores… just leftover fajitas and salsa and playing Mexican Train dominoes and drinking sangria. Mid afternoon, we decided we wanted to have some of the sheet cake we had the day before with my in-laws and so we got the recipe and made a big chocolate cake and ate it with blue bell vanilla ice cream 🙂
It was pretty late by the time we were done with dominoes and cake and Game of Thrones but I was so excited about my veggie week that I went ahead and prepped mine and The Gingerbeard Man’s lunches for today. We kicked off the week with “Pasta” Primavera. I loathe cooked carrots so I kept mine raw when I reheated them for lunch today. The “pesto” is really great. Mine doesn’t look like the picture but it tastes lovely. I started my morning off with a Green Monster and for dinner we are having the Burrito Bowl.
I’m not weighing in or counting calories or anything this week. I’m just going to really try and eat a plant based diet as much as I can and see how I feel. I’m really all about feeling great by the end of the week and hopefully seeing my energy levels increase 🙂