Initial Chore Monster Review

Yeah so after my review of the Chorma app, I decided to look around and see what else was out there. Chorma was just so… cluttered. One of the apps that came up in my search pretty frequently was Chore Monster.
Now right off the bat, I am psyched because there is a webpage! Halleluja! I can organize this stuff on my computer instead of on my phone! The website has both a parent’s log in and kid’s log in. The first thing I noticed was that there was only one parent log in. Which means that The GingerBeard Man and I will log in using the same set of credentials. While it surprised me that both parents couldn’t be admins, it wasn’t a dealbreaker.
Setting up kids is pretty easy: first and last name, birthday, gender, screen name, email (optional), password, and photo. I spent more time picking out a photo for each kid than I did actually setting up their accounts. Once you have a kiddo’s account set up, the next screen is setting up chores. This page played to the customizable organization freak in me. You can select a chore from the suggestion list or add your own. Then you can assign points and GUESS WHAT! you can assign however many you want. It has a custom field! I decided to make points equal the approximate amount of minutes the task should take. Unload the dishwasher – ten points, walk the dog – fifteen points, clean your room – twenty-five points… you get the idea.
Now, the next part was tricky for me. I have a lot of chores that the kids can do, but don’t necessarily have to do. They are extra and the kids can do them in order to get points for stuff they want. I struggled a little on how to set those up and consulted the message board section of the site to see what other parents were suggesting.
Since I have two different kinds of chores, here is what I ended up doing: The first kind of chores I have are chores the kids have to do. Cleaning their room once a week, doing their laundry once a week, studying, packing their own lunches… these are chores that I expect them to do. Those chores are assigned to each kid and they have a repeating schedule and a due date. The rest of the chores, things I can either tell them to do or they can offer to do on their own, like setting the table, unloading the dishwasher, walking the dog… these have no schedule and no due date. So they just hang around on the kids’ chore list until they decide to do them (or until I tell them to, which do you think will happen first? lol) and once they do the chore and mark it as complete, it sends me a notification and I am able to approve it as having been done. That chore then shows back up on their list anew, ready to be claimed again.
So when I set the chores up, I have the aforementioned scheduling options but I also have the option to leave a note on the chore. So far I have two notes that I have been using: “*b*o*n*u*s* points!” which I put on the extra chores that I don’t really expect the kids to really do like sweeping the kitchen or cleaning the living room and then I also have “5 bonus points for doing without being asked” for the chores I do expect them to do like unloading the dishwasher or setting the table for dinner. And finally and probably my favorite option about setting chores up is being able to assign them a picture! There is search bar so you put in some key words and then you are able to search for a photo that matches the job you want done. You can also upload your own, which I did for walking our dog. It has a super cute photo of our little doggie which hopefully with incentivize my fourteen year old do disconnect the IV of internet she feeds directly into her veins and go outside with her every once in awhile.
Oh and a nice bonus feature is that at the end of setting up a chore, there is the option to copy it for another kid(s) so you don’t have to do everything twice! So great! Especially if you have more than two kids you are doing this for.
I set up about 25 chores yesterday and carried over the previously earned Chorma points into their new accounts and I was done.
When I got home last night, both girls did a chore and I showed them the new app. It’s super easy for them to use. All of the available chores are on their main page and they can just click it and then click the thumbs up showing that they did it. There is also a thumbs down which I am assuming to mean they did not do their chore. Then I receive a notification which allows me to approve it.
Now this is where the “initial” from my title comes in. I hadn’t actually logged into the kid’s app before last night and there are several things there that I hadn’t seen from my parent’s app. The have chores, rewards, carnival, theater, monsters, and messages. I have no idea what those do or whether the kids will dig them.
The first few days of this and my youngest daughter was super gung ho. But her interest has dwindled. I think it has a lot to do with us being just done with the school year. We are all tired and burned out and no one wants to pack their lunches or get up early or do anything. We all just want a break.

2 thoughts on “Initial Chore Monster Review

  1. So I told my son about this yesterday and since he gets allowance based on his chores and is saving up for something, he was practically foaming at the mouth to get me to sign up for this. He said the kid side of the app is pretty cheesy, but that he didn’t care if that meant I could provide him with a list of chores he could do. He followed me around the kitchen suggesting that I really should sign up for the app. “Really mom. You should do it. Don’t let your dreams be dreams. Don’t let MY dreams be dreams.”

  2. hahahaha!
    I really love it. Youngest daughter wants a new bike and she is able to go in there and do as many chores as she wants daily. I like using the points=approximate minutes too because then it makes it easier for me to figure out how many points a reward should be. Like if a bike is $150 and I am paying my kid minimum wage… that kind of thing 🙂 And you can set it up on the web! No pecking away at the damn phone screen!

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