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I mentioned a few posts ago that I was planning to make some changes with my little girls regarding screen time and chores. Well I received the Circle in the mail last week and I will review it in a separate post, but I wanted to start with the Chorma app… maybe because I like it better 🙂
I should probably preface this with the fact that I am in no way affiliated with Chorma. They haven’t contacted me or asked my opinion. They aren’t standing behind me right now threatening me to write nice things about them 😉 I downloaded their FREE app but paid the $1.99 for the first “pro” month subscription so I could try out all of the features. Of my own free will.
Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, let me tell you – so far, I am pretty much digging the heck out of this app. Well, more than any other chore app I’ve tried out before.
It’s pretty basic and the interface is very easy to navigate. When you first download the app, you have four options at the bottom of your screen: My Chores, All Chores, Activity, Housemembers… The first thing I did was go to All Chores and set up some chores so I could test it out. There is a plus sign in the upper right hand corner to allow you to set up a chore. You can name it, assign points (up to ten), allow it to be “claimable” or assign it to someone specifically. You can also choose to rotate it between users on this screen.Next you can choose whether the chore is to repeat and what schedule it can be on. One of the cool options here is to allow it to repeat after it has been done. This is nice so you don’t end up with the same chore listed a hundred times when no one is doing it.
For the chores that you allow to be claimable, your kiddo can log in and select what they want to do. Once they claim a chore, it shows up on their My Chores list and they can check it off once it’s been completed. Once it’s been checked off, they can click the x and remove it from that list altogether. All completed chores show up under Activity. I’m not sure for how long as I can’t really find anything on the Chorma site that explains it.
So who cares right? A chore checklist, I’m sure the kids will just be dying to try it out. Kids don’t like chores and using an app probably isn’t going to change that. Except that Chorma has a built in reward system function. This, I like. And I love that they can go in and choose their own reward and set it up themselves. Under housemembers, you click on your name and then Add Reward. This is the fun part for the kids. They can choose something, like going to the movies. My youngest daughter put in Go See The Jungle Book and we agreed on fifteen points. She then went and claimed a bunch of chores so she could start working towards it. Talk about a motivator. She has eleven points as of this morning and I only showed her this app yesterday.
My fourteen year old was slightly less enthused. But I think she will get on board once she wants to earn internet time. I am still working on getting the Circle configured in a way that I am happy with, and I will update ya’ll once I have. She did say that she thinks she will set up a reward where no one can come into her room for two hours… she thinks seven points is fair for some alone time. lol
Now, there are a few things about Chorma that I am not crazy about. First and foremost is no web interface. I love apps, don’t get me wrong. But I like to be able to log into a web interface and configure everything. For me, phones are for speed and convenience. When I want to actually work on something, I prefer a computer. I’d like to be able to set up the chores via a computer just for speed. Also, I wish there was a way that the chores had to be approved by me as being finished. Like a administrator screen. Daughter says she has completed the following chores, do you approve these points? Because it would be pretty easy to lose track if you weren’t paying attention for a week or so. Did she really wipe down the counters on Tuesday? Hell if I know, that was four days ago and I’ve slept since then. I also don’t like that I’m limited to ten points. I would like to be able to choose how many points something is worth and not be locked into such a small number.
The GingerBeard Man has talked about making game apps before and I wish I could convince him to make a chore app. That way someone who is ridiculously detail oriented the way I am when it comes to organization could test and report back until we had the best chore app ever. But until he feels like doing that, this one will work 🙂 Compared to the others I’ve tried over the years, I’d give Chorma 4/5 stars.

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  1. Supermommy4 says:

    I have recently started using the Chorma app and so far it’s worked the best for my family of 6. I just wish there was a way to see the chores assigned to each individual person opposed to a long list of everyone.

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