Hello World!

April 10, 2016

While I happened to be up wasting some time while watching old reruns of The x-Files, I realized that I had my favorite pen with me. So I figured what the heck? Might as well do this thing…
HELLO World! Or really HELLO anyone who happens to come across this blog floating around on The Internet. My name is The Legit Chick. Anywho, I am a 19 year old college student, cat lover, and Navy wife…
I know what you’re thinking – “OMG she’s WAY too young to be married, I mean look she used ‘omg’ in her blog post, blah blah blah, not mature or responsible BLAH.” Well just hold your pretty little horses, and let me fill you in on my life story real quick. Hah. Quick. As if you can tell a life story quickly.
Well first me, then my other half.
So I am 19, fresh out of high school, just jumping into college. I have it in my head that teaching is the thing for me. Kids. I love kids. I love hearing their stories, helping them to learn, and being there to listen. It’s just what I hope to do.
I currently live in a musty old apartment like all young broke people do. I have three cats that are my babies! Turd, Baby, & Monroe. I love them and their snuggly faces. Agh! (That’s an overwhelmed yell of excitement that I get whenever I think about how much I love my kitties!)
So all of that is fine and dandy, I’m just living my life like all college kids do. Until you jump back to the Navy wife part. Nineteen and married. To a Navy man no less. It has opened up this whole new world to be, but my navy man wasn’t always that to me. At first he was just My Dearest. He was one of the first people I met on the school bus on my first day of middle school. I was eleven years old, very shy and not very confident in myself. He was a thirteen year old goofy looking social butterfly. He made everyone laugh, sometimes even at his own expense but that didn’t matter – everyone loved him and so did I.
All I wanted was to have this boy notice me and want to be my friend as much I wanted to be his. But what did I have to offer? I was so shy and so quiet, not exactly the life of the party. And yet this boy noticed me. As much as he was goofy, he knew how to be sweet too. He was kind. I remember the first time he said my smile was beautiful on the bus ride home. Things weren’t always smooth sailing, we argued and occasionally hurt each other’s feelings without even knowing it. But we grew closer and became best friends who told each other everything.
For over two years we stayed side by side, always there for each other. We’d spend hours on the phone pouring our hearts out. I don’t know if you remember being thirteen years old and feeling like the world is against you, well he was there for me and I was there for him too.
On May 8th, 2010 he asked me to be his girlfriend. I was so excited! My first boyfriend and my first best friend, I was head over heels for this lanky fifteen year old boy, he was my world.
I don’t think anyone thought it was meant to last. I mean we were so young, but the months just kept on passing. There were many ups and downs because not only was our relationship growing, but so were we. We were turning from children into adults and sometimes that change hit us hard. People our age always judged us for choice to stay faithful and loyal to just one person at such a young age and it hurt us. Sometimes we felt old like we were missing out on being a teenager. How can you truly be a “teenager” and have “teenager fun” while being so tied down? Age was also hard for us. I am two years younger than my husband and it doesn’t seem like much now at nineteen and twenty-one but high school was a different story. We were picked on mercilessly. He got the worst of it. They called him a cradle robber, and he must be so lame if he can’t get someone his own age. Once on the bus, a boy making fun of us threw a binder at his head. Thirteen and fifteen; fourteen and sixteen; fifteen and seventeen; sixteen and eighteen – those were hard years and hard times. Was it really worth the trouble? The Drama? In the end, it was.
We became each other’s rock. No matter how hard or scary things got, we were there for one another. When the choice arose, we always chose each other. And two years after graduating high school, My Dearest realized that if he were ever going to get out of this town we grew up in, he would need to join the military. I begged at first for him not to leave. I couldn’t even remember a time when we were apart. But he said if we were ever going to have the life we wanted, he needed a way out and this was his best chance. So at the end of my senior year of high school, he left. It was February 1st, 2015. It was one of the hardest things I ever experienced. He was my closest friend and suddenly he was hundreds of miles away. I ached all over for days. I wrote to him every day that we couldn’t speak. I sent him fifty-two letters for fifty-two days.
After boot camp, he was shipped even further away, to Connecticut. I graduated high school, moved into my first apartment, started college, and got my first grownup job – all without him there. He started submarine school and life was empty. We got engaged when I visited him in Connecticut that summer and we were married on Christmas Day on his first visit home since joining the Navy.
This Monday, tomorrow, he goes underway for two months. And just a few weeks after he returns, I will be meeting him in our new home in Connecticut. Six years after we first started our relationship, six years – but finally me and My Dearest will have our own home together.