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Episode 34 – Diets

This week The Chicks are talking about all of the diets they’ve done and different lifestyle changes they’ve adopted.

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Episode 31 – Covfefe

WHOA!  We talk about so much random stuff this week: Covfefe, Sean Spicer doesn’t get to meet the Pope, Melania swats Trumps hand, House of Cards, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Game, Trump/Melania divorce conspiracy theory, Unmarried presidents, Trump Memorial Day, Conservative Uncle Emails, Ivanka Champagne Popsicles, Kathy Griffin, Notre Dame walk out Pence, Bomb in Kabul, Ariana Grande, Olivia Newton John Cancer, Elon Musk Paris Climate deal, Mr Met Flip Off, Google AI, x-rated photos/videos on personal devices, All Woman Wonder Woman Premiere, Evil Glitter Bomb Plans, Deployment Update, Little Silver Works Jewelry Plug, Fostering Dogs, Nintendo Theme Park, Evergreen State College Drama

HASHTAGS: #Covfefe #SeanSpicer #thePope #Melania #HouseofCards #KeepTalkingandNobodyExplodes #Trumpdivorce #conspiracytheory #Unmarriedpresidents #TrumpMemorialDay #ConservativeUncle #Ivanka #ChampagnePopsicles #KathyGriffin #NotreDame #walkout #Pence #Bomb #Kabul #ArianaGrande #OliviaNewtonJohn #Cancer #ElonMusk #ParisClimate
#MrMet #FlipOff #GoogleAI #womenonly #WonderWomanPremiere #alamodrafthouse #Evil #GlitterBomb #Deployment #Update #LittleSilverWorks #Jewelry #FosteringDogs #NintendoThemePark #EvergreenStateCollege #Drama
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On Podcasts…

So, I realize I am entering the world of podcasts very late in the game… I occasionally might listen to a book on tape while I am driving, but I’ve pretty much always been more of a music in the car kind of gal. Several months ago, The GingerBeard Man made the comment that he likes to listen to sports podcasts while he commutes and I thought to myself “There are still podcasts? Like, those are still a thing?”  And oh my gosh, they are totally still a thing.
Oddly enough, not long after that conversation, Heather Armstrong took a step back from Dooce and announced that she and John Bray were doing the podcast Manic Rambling Spiral. I’ll admit I was annoyed that Heather had the audacity to leave me high in dry with one of my near daily reads. But, a few weeks later, she mentioned something about a podcast they had done and curiosity got the better of me.  Having never listened to any podcasts, I didn’t even know that my iphone had a handy built in podcast app. After a little bit of fumbling around, I managed to get it going. I can’t remember which episode I started with but it didn’t take long for me to roll back to episode one and listed through all of them. Here’s the thing, I will admit that I didn’t think I would like listening to Heather talk. This makes me an asshole, but her blog (which I really enjoy) is sometimes written in an all caps kind of way that made me think she would be kind of annoying to listen to in person. I will readily admit how wrong I was. Heather is actually pretty great to listen to. She is funny and well spoken and oddly enough, I felt like after a few episodes that I wanted to be friends with her. John Bray is also adorable. I wish he would stop using the R when he introduces himself but that’s just me.
I’ve made it through all of their available podcasts now and I look forward to the new ones coming out each week. The first few episodes felt a little like John interviewing Heather, but that faded into more of a comfortable chatting between the two and it’s super nice. They are both single parents right now, which I have some pretty extensive history with so I find many of the topics relatable both that way and just as a parent in general. I’ve even written in a few times and frankly I have to keep myself from becoming this crazy fan who writes in every single week with my opinion and feelings about each topic.
When I ran out of MRS episodes to listen to, I started listening to Modern Love, which The Social Chick recommended to me. Each Modern Love episode is read by a different celebrity and each essay is a completely different take on a story of “love, loss, and redemption.” While I cannot always relate to these, the stories are so very well written and narrated that I find myself completely entranced and often in tears. They are heartwarming or sad or both and I thoroughly enjoy them.
This foray into podcasts sent me off in search of more. I read a bunch of buzzfeed lists (I like buzzfeed, sue me) and added several different types of recommended podcasts to my feed. Limetown had some pretty good reviews and so I sped through that in about a week of commuting. It was ok. I also listened to the first episode of True Murder, which I enjoyed. But my current favorite is Call Your Girlfriend. I absolutely love listening to Ann and Aminatou chatting away, often over a bottle of wine. I feel like I am hanging out with two chicks who are way cooler than me, but I still love listening to their take on things. I have to admit that I enjoy starting things at the beginning so I am still listening to episodes from 2014, but even dated as they are, I really enjoy them.
It’s funny how just a few months ago, I wasn’t even remotely interested in listening to a podcast and the last few weeks, I’ve been wondering if Tales From The Chicks should do one… So tell me, what podcasts am I missing out on, readers? I have a new addiction that needs feeding!