Episode 53 – Stranger Things 2: Hot Guys With Mullets

This week The Chicks are talking about Stranger Things 2. Amanda has an adventure in an airport, and there’s a little preview of how much Heather LOVES Mindhunter.  (We promise we’re going to be podcasting about it!!)  Heather, Jennifer, and Amanda all have varying opinions on the new season and would love to know your thoughts on the plot line, new characters, and the direction they went with Eleven’s story.  And P.S. We still love Dustin. 🙂

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Episode 46 – Organization, kind of

BF season tweet

A Slob comes clean

Capsule Wardrobe

The Chicks chat about Organization with topics, like email, making their beds, menu planning, closets, and capsule wardrobes.  From Bullet Journals to Excel Spreadsheets, the chicks hilariously cover it all in this episode, but not before a not so quick dating update. (We try to keep that neat and organized too.) This is a really funny episode y’all.

Links to A Slob Comes Clean, and Un-Fancy, who are not affiliated with Tales from the Chicks, but we love them for their awesome inspiration regarding cleaning and capsule wardrobes. 

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